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How does inductive charging work?

MAXFIELD products use the “Qi” (pronounced “chi”) interface standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. “Qi” is the Chinese word for “energy flow”.

The transfer of power via an inductive charging station (= transmitter) takes place via coils that generate a magnetic field. The electromagnetic field of the charging station checks periodically whether changes in resonance occur – so whether a chargeable, Qi-supported device (= receiver) has been placed on it.

If a compatible device is placed in the charging area, the transmitter coils begins the initialisation process. If the device is compatible and a need for power detected, the charging process is triggered by induction and a power transfer begins.

The transmitter and receiver remain in continuous contact during charging and switch to standby mode as soon as the device is fully charged or removed from the charging area.

The receiver can absorb up to 5W of power via the magnetic field and thus charge the device’s battery.

So an inductive charging station only transfers energy when a compatible device requiring power is positioned on the electromagnetic field. This technology essentially reduces electromagnetic radiation.

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