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MAXFIELD revolutionises the charging of smartphones, tablets, etc.


MAXFIELD revolutionises the charging of smartphones, tablets, etc.

A tangle of cables and having to carry a whole selection of plugs and adapters around with you is now a thing of the past. Inductive charging stations by Maxfield make charging mobile devices simple, safe, wear-free, efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • Innovative as well as both ecologically and economically-sensible solutions for charging mobile devices
  • German engineering
  • Sophisticated design, top quality, premium finish
  • Design also according to customers’ wishes

Buchen. This scenario will be familiar to those heading off on holiday with their family of four: the luggage includes at least four smartphones, a tablet, a laptop and a kindle as well as an electric razor, four electric toothbrushes, a hairdryer, etc. And each device comes with its own bulky power adapter. What’s more, mains adapters will be needed for certain countries. The wait at the airport is long. The children pass the time playing the latest video games, the wife reads her kindle, and the husband checks his emails. The ever-greater number of functions mobile devices offer, such as audio and video streaming, games, high-resolution graphics and GPS, mean their batteries guzzle power. It is increasingly the case that devices also need to be recharged when on the go. Wouldn’t it be great if a simple charging solution was available in the waiting area at the gate, in the plane or at the hotel; if your mobile also had an “energy drink” while you enjoyed a quick espresso?

Is this a thing of the future? Not at all. For if it is up to the development engineers at Buchen-based Maxfield GmbH, not only private households but also public establishments, offices, conference rooms, cafés, restaurants and hotels will soon also all be fitted with inductive charging stations. Mobile devices can be charged with absolutely no cables simply by being placed on a charging pad. The countless individual, device-specific plugs become superfluous. “One size fits all.” The mobile phone or tablet simply needs to be placed on the charging station. And that’s it. This wireless power charging is safe, environmentally-friendly, simple, efficient, and sustainable. Maxfield offers wireless charging pads and powerbanks for charging single mobile phones as well as multifunctional high-end charging stations, iPhone 5/5S cases, receivers for Samsung mobile phones, and other accessories.

Experienced electronics expert Steffen Müller secured the rights to the “Maxfield” trademark previously promoted by Franjo Pooth and his wife Verona, who also lent a certain ‘glamour factor’. An ingenious marketing coup. “We intentionally concentrated entirely on the naming rights though,” emphasised Steffen Müller. “In terms of the content, Maxfield is an entirely different company today.”

“The principle of inductive charging is by no means new. It was in fact discovered exactly one hundred years ago by Nikola Tesla, who also succeeded in transferring electrical energy ‘through the air’. Today, we are familiar with the function in electric toothbrushes, which are also charged using magnetic induction. The charging station uses induction coils (primary coils) to generate an alternating magnetic field whose field lines alternate in strength and direction. If a mobile phone also equipped with a coil (secondary coil) is placed on the charging surface, a current is induced locally between the coils, which in turn charges the battery. The energy transfer only takes place where the coils in the “transmitter” and “receiver” exchange. The method generates very little radiation and is entirely safe for users. Devices not yet equipped with an integrated secondary coil can be upgraded with a special case to also enable inductive charging.

The Maxfield charging stations are developed in Buchen in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The devices impress with an elegant yet discreet design and outstanding quality. Müller places great value on sustainability throughout the entire production chain.

The newly-established Maxfield GmbH comprises two company divisions. One handles Maxfield’s consumer products; the other caters to industrial customers. “Our products are ideal for integration into furniture in private settings as well as in offices and hotels. What’s more, a wide range of applications exist in the automotive sector, for example. With our engineering expertise, we are able to develop inductive charging options for virtually all areas of life. A multitude of energy-wasting power supplies thus become superfluous,” says Steffen Müller. “The customer is able to use our design – we gladly also cater to our customers’ design specifications. We are able to adapt our charging stations to any design architecture so that they are virtually ‘invisible’. Charging pads integrated into top-of-the-range furniture surfaces or sophisticated charging cases for mobile devices adapted to match the vehicle interior are conceivable. The use and design possibilities are virtually unlimited.”

In sales, Müller is committed to qualified specialist traders, specialist markets, retail chains and above all specialist retail groups. The company with its innovative products was presented to the general public and trade specialists for the first time during the IFA 2014 global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances held in Berlin. In 2015, Maxfield plans to expand into new markets beyond Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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