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My CAR CHARGER isn’t working. What am I doing wrong?

To make optimal use of the CAR CHARGER, you will need to place your smartphone at the centre of the charging pad (the smartphone’s receiver must be aligned with the pad’s coil). The centre is marked with a printed logo.

You will need to adjust the side and bottom brackets to fit your smartphone. The knobs to adjust the brackets to the required position are on the back.

The wireless charging process can then begin.

My Samsung S5 gets hot when I charge it with the S5 RECEIVER. Is this normal?

Yes, this is completely normal. We use a charging current of 1A to enhance the charging speed of the S5 receiver. The temperature may increase to up to 46°C as a consequence. The current legislation prescribes a value of up to 48°C as completely normal. The S5 receiver is therefore well within this range.

The receiver’s safety electronics and the safety shut-down function of the device battery prevent any defects to the battery or device.

My COMPACT PAD isn’t working properly. It beeps constantly and doesn’t charge. What is wrong with it?

To safely generate the 1,000mA charging current for the COMPACT PAD, the power adapter must have an output current of at least 1.5A. A current of 1A is not enough to maintain uninterrupted communication. The COMPACT PAD will therefore keep attempting to communicate with the device, but will then have to abort this attempt and try again. This will continue until the built-in safety shut-down kicks in and aborts the COMPACT PAD’s charging process. Every communication attempt is accompanied by a beeping sound. You will find details of the power adapter’s output current directly on the adapter itself


Who are MAXFIELD products suitable for?

MAXFIELD products have been developed to make people’s lives easier, whatever their age. As the products are very easy to use, it does not matter whether the user is a technology expert or a complete amateur.

Are MAXFIELD products safe to use?

Yes, MAXFIELD products are by all means safe to use, and have been subjected to stringent testing and validity checks. What’s more, the CE marking that features on the products confirms that all test standards have been met, and that consumers are guaranteed the utmost safety.

Why inductive charging?

Wireless charging is the future of electronic device charging. Forget the chaos of needing countless different power adapters and the unsightly tangle of cables.

Empty batteries are a thing of the past. Charge your mobile devices efficiently during everyday life – and avoid a great deal of electrical waste.

Where can I use MAXFIELD products?

You are able to enjoy absolute freedom, as MAXFIELD’s inductive charging technology can be used in any environment: at home, at the office, in public spaces (cafés, restaurants, universities, hotels, airports), and in all kinds of vehicles (cars, caravans, trains, buses, yachts, cruise ships).

Can the charging process damage the magnetic strip on credit cards?

No, inductive charging cannot damage the magnetic strip on credit cards.

Is there any benefit to using inductive charging with MAXFIELD?

The main advantage of inductive charging is that it is compatible with mobile devices from a whole range of different manufacturers. And if a device does not support inductive charging, it can be upgraded using MAXFIELD’s extensive range of accessories. Allowing you to charge all your devices using one single charging station without the hassle of needing different chargers


Which mobile devices can currently be charged using the inductive charging stations MAXFIELD offers?

Inductive charging supported as standard

Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 930, Nokia Lumia 1525, Google Nexus 4 and Google Nexus 5.

Inductive charging supported with a manufacturer cover

Nokia Lumia 720, Nokia Lumia 820.

Inductive charging supported with a MAXFIELD receiver

Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Inductive charging supported with a MAXFIELD case

Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 5S. Coming soon: Apple iPhone 5c, HTC one, HTC one mini, Huawei Ascend P6, and Huawei Ascend P7 mini.

Please see our user guide and compatibility check for further information.

Is it also possible to use the inductive charging stations MAXFIELD offers to charge tablets?

The following tablets will soon support inductive charging when upgraded with a MAXFIELD case

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, Apple iPad Air and Apple iPad mini.

Are MAXFIELD charging stations only suitable for mobile devices and tablets?

No, not only mobile devices and tablets support inductive charging!

All sorts of accessories can be connected to the MAXFIELD inductive charging system.

Payment and shipping

What shipping options are available?

Our products are delivered by our logistics partner, DHL. Please see our terms of delivery for further information.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions?

You are able to view details of your orders by clicking on MY ACCOUNT in the top right-hand corner.

Obtain support on how to use our products either in the user guide or by contacting us.

How can I return an order?

Simply return your order to:

Zur Dornheck 14
35764 Sinn-Fleisbach

Do you still have questions?

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